Question: How do you determine which species are at risk?

Speaker: Brock Fenton, Chair of COSSARO

To determine if a species is at risk we collect as much information as possible about it. We're interested to know first of all where it occurs. There may be one occurrence or there may be several occurrences. We're also interested in knowing the size of the population. How many individuals are there. Is the number increasing or is the number decreasing. We also need to be sure the species is native to Canada and has not been introduced.

The new act is and improvement over the old one b/c within three months of receiving a report from COSSARO, or recommendation, the Minister posts the information and the listing takes effect. This is an important improvement b/c it allows the government to more quickly respond to cases where protection has to be put in place for a species or in fact to be able to say that a species is not at risk.

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