Species At Risk

All Terrain Vehicles and Snowmobiles

How You Can Help Species at Risk

Riding ATVs and snowmobiles is a tremendously popular and growing activity in Ontario. Whatever the season, there are things you can do to minimize your impact on the environment and help protect species at risk when you’re out for a ride.

  • Know what to watch out for… Before you go, find out what species are at risk live in the area where you’ll be riding.
  • Be careful out there… Stay on recognized trail systems to avoid damaging rare plants, habitat for fish and wildlife, and sensitive natural features such as streams, wetlands and sand dunes.
  • Please don’t disturb…Try to minimize engine noise and keep your distance from wildlife as much as possible, especially during mating and rearing seasons.
  • Keep in touch… Help us track and monitor Ontario’s species at risk by reporting your sightings to your local Ministry of Natural Resources office or the Natural Heritage Information Centre website. If possible, share your photos and precise location information.
  • Don’t get stuck…It’s always best to avoid riding your ATV during spring runoff and after heavy rains. When the ground is soft and muddy, it’s easy to unknowingly damage rare plants and important wildlife habitats.

Snowmobiles and ATVs

Join the club

ATV Ontario, the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs all promote safe, responsible, environmentally friendly riding, and natural trail preservation.

Before you go

Check out these websites for everything you need to know about riding ATVs and snowmobiles in Ontario.

The Endangered Species Act

Contact your local ministry office

Often the best source of local information on species at risk is your nearest ministry office. Call with your questions or concerns.