Species At Risk

Health or Safety Permit

A situation may arise that involves a threat to human health or safety but where the risk to human health or safety is not imminent. If you need to take action to address this kind of risk, you may need a health or safety permit under the Endangered Species Act .

Examples of activities eligible for a health or safety permit

  • A Cherry Birch tree is likely to fall on the roof of a house if it is not pruned or removed.
  • A chimney that is nesting habitat for Chimney Swifts is crumbling and needs to be torn down.

In pressing health or safety situations, there’s no time to consider authorization to act. A regulation under the act provides an exemption for a person who is acting to protect a person or animal from an imminent risk to health or safety. It also means that fire fighters, police officers and others can carry out their duties immediately.

Requirements and conditions

For a health or safety permit to be issued, the Ministry of Natural Resources must believe that the activity is necessary for the protection of human health or safety.

Before issuing a health or safety permit, the Ministry must consider the Government Response Statement, if one exists, for each species at risk that may be affected by the activity.

A health or safety permit may also include conditions or requirements such as monitoring and reporting, and if possible, may include actions to help species at risk.


For more information about seeking a health or safety permit, please contact your local Ministry office.

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Figuring out if you need an authorization, like a permit or an agreement, starts with identifying which protected species are in your area.

How do I get a permit? How do I get a permit?

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