Species At Risk

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Get to know Ontario’s endangered plants and animals!

Some of Ontario’s endangered species are well known – the caribou is celebrated on our quarter and the polar bear on our toonie. But there are rare birds, fish, snakes, turtles and plants you may never hard heard of that are at risk of disappearing from our province.

The more we know about species at risk, the more we can do to help protect them and the places where they live. On this page you’ll find fun and educational resources to use in classes, at clubs or at home.

Teachers and Youth Club Leaders

Our educational resources make learning about species at risk interesting and fun for your class or club. These include teacher guides and classroom activities for a wide range of grades and ages.

Educational Resources
Additional Resources

See things from a caribou’s point of view!

Check out footage from our "caribou cams" – video cameras on collars we’ve fitted on wild caribou to learn more about how they live.

Video 1:Watch with Mom as a newborn calf takes its first steps.
Video 2:Take a swim with a caribou.
Video 3:Hoof it through the snow with two caribou.
Video 4:See what a caribou eats for lunch.


Quick Reference Guide
Use this handy online reference guide for quick access to photos and basic information about many of Ontario’s species at risk.

Photo Journals
Tag along as we learn more about some of Ontario’s most vulnerable species and their habitats.

Fact Sheets
Plants, mammals, insects, birds, fish, snakes, turtles and other reptiles. We’ve got a fact sheet for every one of Ontario’s species at risk.

Other Resources

Explore these links to other websites to learn more about species at risk and ways you can help.

Ontario Nature
Ontario Nature is involved in research, public education and policy work on behalf of species at risk.

Canadian Wildlife Federation
This group’s Endangered Species Program helps conserve threatened and at-risk wildlife across Canada.

World Wildlife Fund Canada
This organization supports species conservation work, focusing on species in globally significant regions, their habitat needs and primary threats in Canada.

Environment Canada, Species at Risk
Learn more about species at risk in Canada and efforts to protect them

Collection of films and photographs of endangered species from around the globe, freely accessible online

The Endangered Species Act

Contact your local ministry office

Often the best source of local information on species at risk is your nearest ministry office. Call with your questions or concerns.