Species At Risk

Resources to determine whether species at risk and their habitat are on or near your activity location

To find out if species at risk and their habitat are known to be at your location, consult the following information sources:

  • Biodiversity Explorer – available through the Natural Heritage Information Centre
  • Land Information Ontario
  • Local MNR office
  • Local municipality
  • Species at Risk in Ontario List (Ontario Regulation 230/08)
  • Species at risk habitat regulations under the ESA (Ontario Regulation 242/08)
  • Species-specific guidance or policy direction available on MNR’s species at risk website or through the local MNR office
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas
  • Local conservation authorities
  • Ontario species at risk recovery strategies
  • Species at risk status reports and other federal species at risk information
  • Other information sources, such as:
    • species experts
    • species at risk surveys
    • environmental impact or screening reports
    • scientific literature