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Management plans

Once a species at risk becomes classified as being of Special Concern on the Species at Risk in Ontario list, the government must ensure a management plan is prepared for that species. These plans will provide information regarding the biology of the species and advice on the approaches for reducing threats to it. Management plans are also necessary for species at risk whose status changes from Endangered or Threatened to Special Concern.

The Minister of Natural Resources must ensure the development of a management plan within five years of a species being classified as Special Concern, unless a recovery strategy or management plan is required to be prepared for the species under the federal Species at Risk Act.

Recovery strategies that are developed for more than one population of a species, meet the requirements for a management plan for those populations that are classified as Special Concern (e.g., Common Five-lined Skink and Lake Sturgeon).

Management plans

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Endangered Species Act

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Permits and other authorizations

The Endangered Species Act offers flexibility tools that try to balance species protection and human activity.

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