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How to incorporate species at risk into what you do

Whether you help to plan, manage, consult on or work directly on projects or operational activities, your role is to keep things on track. That includes knowing how the Endangered Species Act may apply to your situation, how it may influence your planning, and what steps to take to make sure your plans comply with it.


Since the act is comprehensive and covers over 200 species, figuring out how it applies may not always seem simple. Situations vary by activity and species, but also by location and season in relation to species’ breeding, migration and other life stages. That’s why your best resource is practical guidance, both from this website and the Ministry of Natural Resources. Ministry staff can help you understand how the act applies to different scenarios and develop localized strategies that make the most sense for your activity and the species.

Planning activities with the act in mind

Complying with the act can influence your project design, parameters and timelines. Knowing early on about species at risk that may use your site is key to effective project planning. Start by identifying which species are in your area and their status, and learn about how they could affect your plans.

Our interactive map can help you find out what’s at risk in your region. You can find accurate and updated information on this website, such as species at risk fact sheets and how species are protected under the Endangered Species Act.

What’s at risk in my area?

What's at Risk in Ontario What's at Risk in Ontario?
What's at Risk in My Area?

What species at risk are in your area and how do they affect you?

Figuring out if you need an authorization, like a permit or an agreement, starts with identifying which protected species are in your area.

Understanding permits and other authorizations


How do I know if I need a permit?

Different activities and locations can trigger the need for different permits. Every situation and site is unique, which is why we have permits to address many scenarios. In some cases, your activity may not require a permit but it may still be subject to other kinds of authorizations or regulations. It depends on whether your plans might have an adverse effect on a protected species or its habitat, and what you can do to avoid or reduce that impact.

Find out if you need a permit

Learn more about the different kinds of permits and other authorizations

All About Authorizations

Permit tracker tool ESA Permit Tracker

Use this tool to find out the status of permit and agreement applications and issued permits and agreements.

Permits and other authorizations Permits and other authorizations

Some activities that affect species at risk or their habitats may require a specific type of permit or other forms of authorization.

How do I get a permit? How do I get a permit?

Find out what steps you need to take in order to get the permit you need.

Get involved

The Endangered Species Act

Contact your local ministry office

Often the best source of local information on species at risk is your nearest ministry office. Call with your questions or concerns.