Species At Risk


Check out this page for all kinds of information and how-to’s for a broad range of Endangered Species Act (ESA) activities and topics.

10.3.2 Forms

  • 17(2)(b) protection or recovery permit request form
    • Information Gathering Form and guide,
    • Avoidance Alternatives Form and guide,
    • C-Permit (Overall Benefit) Application Form and guide.
  • 17(2)(c) overall benefit permits:
  • Species at Risk Stewardship Fund application and guidelines

10.3.4 Policies/Procedures/Guidance/etc.

  • Endangered Species Act Submission Standards for Activity Review and 17(2)(c) Overall Benefit Permits
  • Categorizing and Protecting Habitat under the ESA
  • Draft and final recovery strategies
  • Draft and final government response statements
  • Habitat regulations
  • Environmental Registry
  • Draft Redside Dace Guidelines
  • Butternut Health Assessment Guidelines
  • Butternut Health Assessor Code of Ethics
  • Draft Aquatic Protocol

10.3.5 Publications

  • The ESA and you (industrial sector / municipal, etc. fact sheets)
  • Species fact sheets
  • Protecting species at risk habitat under the ESA
  • Southern Ontario Tree Seed Zone Atlas (for seed zones related to the butternut exemption regulation requirements)
  • 6-Phase Permit Process Flowchart [PDF]

10.3.6 Links