Species At Risk

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Discover a whole new world. Our videos provide a unique glimpse of some of Ontario’s rarest species in the wild and the work being done to protect them. Check back often to see what’s new.

Species at Risk

Banding Peregrine falcon
On a ledge outside the 43rd floor of a Toronto hotel, Ministry of Natural Resources biologists band peregrine falcon chicks under the watchful eye of the mother falcon.

Climate change and polar bears
Travel from the Toronto Zoo to the shores of Hudson’s Bay with renowned biologist Dr. Martyn Obbard and learn how climate change is affecting the future of polar bears in Ontario.

The remarkable journey of the American eel
Find out where these remarkable fish begin and end their epic life journey and how Ontario Power Generation is helping them survive their amazing migration.


How are species determined to be at risk?
Brock Fenton, Chair of COSSARO, explains how species get on the Species at Risk in Ontario List.

The role of the biologist
A biologist explains how collecting data is used to assess the status of species.

The role of COSSARO
Learn why species at risk are important to Ontario and the importance of COSSARO in protecting them.

Caribou Cams

Check out footage from our "caribou cams" – video cameras on collars we’ve fitted on wild caribou to learn more about how they live.

Video 1: Watch with Mom as a newborn calf takes its first steps.

Video 2: Take a swim with a caribou.

Video 3: Hoof it through the snow with two caribou.

Video 4: See what a caribou eats for lunch.


Blanding turtle

Endangered Species Act

Learn the basics


Permits and other authorizations

The Endangered Species Act offers flexibility tools that try to balance species protection and human activity.

Mobile phone

Contact your local ministry office

Often the best source of local information on species at risk is your nearest ministry office. Call with your questions or concerns.