Question: How is protecting species at risk going to benefit Ontarians?

There's a reason we have a law to protect species at risk. Ontario has a great natural wealth, and it all depends on an intricate balance of species. We may not even know how important a species is to our health and our whole ecosystem.

We also have a basic responsibility to live and to work sustainably. That's our contract with the next generation, and we do have a moral obligation. That's why we have brought together some of the best conservation biologists and put them on COSSARO.

Our government created a new Endangered Species Act to make Ontario the North American leader in species at risk protection and recovery. It works because it's based on science.

Thanks to COSSARO's efforts, this Act is already protecting more animals. We're taking steps to protect species against threats as they emerge.

The reality is, as a province, we need biodiversity not merely to survive, but to thrive.

COSSARO is doing great work, and I look forward to hearing more from them as we work together to protect the health of all species and habitat.

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